In order to meet black women, who are gorgeous, or any other attractive women you need to be outstanding. See these women are basically the same, they’re only about 5% different from each other if you really think about. So keep things simple when it comes to these black women and I’m not talking about the average looking black girl at a bar. I’m talking about the kind of black women you see in music videos and every guy fantasizes about. This is the type of black girl that 99.9% of men can only dream of meeting.
meet black women

Then how do you stop being average and actually have a chance with these black women? The answer is almost too simple, you just try. Usually, when a man sees a black woman like this, he’ll have a short fantasy run through his mind, about what it’d be like to date her. Then, when it comes to making a move, he makes excuses instead. 9 of every 10 men will make excuses when it comes time to approaching that stunning black women.

The typical scenario will be the guy will settle for the black women they think is at their level. They give up without even trying. It’s like getting to the Super Bowl and not even trying to win it. At least play the game and see what happens. There’s only about 1% among men who aren’t afraid to take a chance when it comes to this situation. They aren’t afraid of embarrassment or awkwardness.

Solution To Meet Black Women

Now that you have realized you want to be among this 1% you’ll need to charge a few things in yourself. It’ll be natural to find yourself tongue-tied and hesitant at first, but that’s okay you’ll get through it. In fact, there’s a 2 step solution to this problem.

First, you will have to create a confident mindset when it comes to black women. Think of it as when you play basketball and you have to shoot a free throw. Of course you’re telling yourself the shot will go in right? These sayings that you recite creates a positive state of mind. Also, to get over this hump. You should create a list of affirmations that sound like this: I can successfully meet black women, I am a fun and outgoing guy, I don’t care if I get rejected I’m just going to try, etc. With these sort of affirmations, you reprogram your mind into being ultra-confident and it’ll show in your body language.

The second method involves communicating with a black woman through flirting. Major problem men have when picking up a woman is that they don’t know how to talk to them. Most will shower her with compliments and creep her out. Flirting is like a foreign language all women understand and 1% of men only do. It’s not about asking questions gaining rapport. Your goal should be creating sexual tension.
Here’s the formula, you want to have a balance of teasing her while she works for your attention. When you find women yo find attractive, boldly approach her and find a way to create sexual tension with the conversation. The best ways are to tease lightly and use banter. Now try it out even on the hottest girl around.
Incorporate these tips into your efforts to meet black women and you’ll be amazed at how easy it works.

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